Alcohol…or not!

One of the things I was worried about after the surgery, in the days and weeks before it, was how to cope with weekends away and nights out that had previously been centred around alcohol. Last weekend we had our annual weekend away in Whitby with our very good friends, where each evening (well, actually, afternoons too!) involve a very enjoyable pub crawl…

I had the feeling that on these days and nights out I would be boring…I’d have nothing much to say, and sitting with people who ARE drinking would be an issue, and what if the pub or bar didn’t like me not ordering anything but tap water, and, and and…

But, you know what, I had one of the BEST weekends. And the best New Year’s Eve’s. And the best night out last night with one of my bestest friends EVER! All just on water, or tea, or coffee. With everyone else drinking, and laughing, and having fun.

In all honesty? I had the best fun too. Best of all? No hangovers!!!


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