We have a fab life, seeing friends, going out, meals, drinks, folk round to dinner, parties etc. Often te pair of us will go across the road for drinks or a meal just to have some “adult time” when we’ve both been busy working. We really enjoy it. I love a glass or three of wine, and some naughtier drinks too. Along with all different foods!

So what was going to happen once that had ended? Once I “can’t” drink a bottle of wine in a sitting, or eat a three course dinner? Looks like we’re condemned to stay at home then, and I’ll just sit with my glass of water and watch everyone else living their lives…

You know what? It’s not like that at all! I’ve decided to expand a little on my last post because several people have asked me this morning about how I can go out to eat/how I can socialise/don’t I miss it? Isn’t it awful?

My husband is ace. HE is a fantastic support, and is more than happy to let me choose something off the menu that I can eat a little of, and we will share. I’m lucky that that’s how he is, and I have friends who are happy to do the same. But if they want something different, I’ll order a starter or a child’s portion, and then bat my eyelids and smile and ask to take the remainder home for later.

As yet no one has said I can’t do that, but if they do, then ok. I’m going out for the SOCIAL side of things, to see the folk I love and enjoy spending time with, and I’ve got the sense to not order a huge meal because I can’t eat it. I’ll order small, therefore less expensive, and eat what I want of it then leave the rest. It comes in handy for later in the day, or the following day.

My tastes have totally changes, which is really, REALLY strange. A lot of stuff I hated, I now want to eat – things like cheese, omelette, eggs, sauces, fish. I would never have chosen anything like that on a menu, yet I am really enjoying what I eat now.

I’m 4 weeks out from the surgery, nearly, and last weekend we ate out all weekend, and this weekend just gone we went for a curry with friends and to the pub. I had a tablespoon of curry, and it was gorgeous. And it was enough. And it was one of the best nights out I have had in a very long time – fantastic company, fantastic night, we really enjoyed ourselves.

I’ve discovered – to my absolute amazement – that I don’t need alcohol for a good night. I don’t need a three course meal. I’m even happy in my own company with something to read/watch/do. I’m onto normal food, in small amounts, so long as it’s fairly soft. Had a gorgeous home made roast dinner yesterday.

This is my life now. Fantastic husband, brilliant friends, amazing children. In all honesty, I couldn’t be happier.


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