Food – or the lack of

Everyone assumes that folk who are fat sit and gorge themselves on packets of biscuits, 3 takeaways a night and drink copious amounts of cheap alcohol. Unfortunately for the assuming folk, I’m not like that. My husband frequently bemoans the fact that I have expensive taste, and cannot understand my penchant for handbags and shoes…and gin!

I eat till I’m full. Always have done, and growing up living with my grandparents who were ruled by the clock for mealtimes rather than their actual hunger, I’ve followed suit in many respects.

Unfortunately, I could always eat a big dinner, and again combined with an underlying auto-immune issue, even diets where you can apparently eat any amount you like, I no longer lost any weight. The only diet I did successfully lose weight on was the VLCD one, and the only thing THAT has done for me is knacker (technical term there) my metabolism (confirmed by the hospital) to the point where I don’t stand a chance of losing weight on my own.

This weekend I went shopping with a friend and bought myself a teeny tiny one-egg frying pan. I LOVE it. Best £3.99 I’ve spent in years! This morning I made myself a one-egg omelette with some cheese on – protein!

I’ve managed half of it before I’m full. The other half is looking at me all sad and sorry for itself, wondering why I don’t love it enough to eat it…

It might get eaten later, or the cats might love me a little bit more!

This post really is aimed at a very lovely friend, who asked me a million questions a few days ago about how? How do I cope without food? How do I cope with being hungry? The answer to that is that today I am 4 weeks out from my surgery, and I haven’t felt hungry once. In fact I am struggling to manage to remember to eat – should be having 6 little meals a day, and some days it’s only 3 or 4 that I manage to get in when I’m working.

In all honesty, the decision to have this surgery was the second best decision I have ever made in my life – behind the decision to say “yes!” When my husband asked me to marry him…


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