Jealousy? Maybe, I guess…

Yesterday was a day of “firsts” for me/us since the operation. At only a couple of days past the one month out stage since the surgery, I had my first appointment with the dietician. I also needed to get some new leggings and a new bra, as both items were falling off me. So into Leeds we went, my husband, myself, and two of the nanny children I look after.

We chatted with the dietician for a while, my husband had some questions to ask of his own and I had some too. I was weighed and have officially lost two stones in a month. I, of course, was rather down at “only” losing two stones, but hey – how else do you lose that much, that fast!! The dietician cleared me to start swimming, and we had a chat about some of the food difficulties I have had over the month.

When we left and set off into the city to have lunch and shop, I pulled myself together over the “only” two stones, and as my husband said, it’s half a stone a week for goodness sake! We had a bin liner of clothes in the car that are all too big to take to the weigh and pay, and others are listed on ebay too! So when we sat down to lunch I updated my bookface status, and later that day checked the comments that have been made…

That led to me getting involved with a person on messenger who has made a couple of sarcastic comments about my food diary and my loss. I decided to be direct, and ask her what her problem is? The answer? I need to “stop ramming it down peoples throats” because “people who are doing it the healthy way don’t need to have me in their face” and “she’d rather have meals out with friends than never eat again”.

So I established that clearly she thinks I have taken the “easy” way out with this surgery. That my 30+ years of trying to do it “the healthy way” and failing are my fault, and that I can clearly never have a good night out with friends again.

After setting her straight on all of the above points, I’d like to say to anyone else that if you feel I am ramming my easy, unhealthy, isolating weight loss and life-regaining surgery “down your throats” please feel free to unfollow or delete me. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% happy to answer ANY questions about what I have had done/why I’ve done it, I really am. But just ask, don’t make assumptions and have a go at me!

In all honesty, I’m bloody proud of myself for doing this, and my husband is proud of me too. I’m giving me/us a life that’s going to be bloody amazing.

Oh, and no, she can’t read anything I post any more. Thought I’d save her the bother of restricting me herself!


2 thoughts on “Jealousy? Maybe, I guess…

  1. Some people can’t help themselves, they have to put the boot in when someone is doing something positive in their life. Only speaks volumes about their own insecurities and issues. What works for one, won’t work for another. Life is a series of paths and we choose which one we take. If people can’t be happy for you, as is often the case when someone makes a huge life change, they aren’t worth your breath.


  2. Please don’t stop, I only “know” you online but know how you’ve struggled over the years I’ve known you, and can see how much this means to you. This is not a faddy thing you’ve done without a second thought, this was a hard decision to make and I have everything crossed for you. I love hearing of your successes, and want to share that with you!


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