Fear of the Snooty’s…

I know, bizarre title. But something happened 18/19 years ago that gave me the fear of the Snooty’s, and I don’t think it is necessarily just bigger girls who have this.

I’d gone browsing back in 1998 for my wedding dress. We had a couple of local shops, and one day I ventured into one, and smiled at the owner/lady sat there, and said hello. Now despite appearances I’m not overly confident so to go in alone was for me a big thing to do.

She looked me up and down with a sneer on her face and the only thing she said to me was “we don’t stock ANYTHING in YOUR size”. I left immediately and cried all the way home. (For the record, theres an amazing shop in Horsforth called Angel Brides – they were bloody amazing and made me feel a million dollars on my wedding day – absolutely well worth a look/visit if you’re heading up the aisle).

Anyway that triggered a fear I guess I already had that going into shops for “normal” people was not something I should do. That anything other than Evans, Ann Harvey and Yours (and later, Simply Be) were to be avoided at all cost. And avoid I have – other than the trusty M&S for undies and Bravissimo for the other, I’ve hardly ever looked elsewhere.

Recently, advertised on Bookface has been a Vintage Weigh & Pay to be held in Leeds. Spotted by my husband he persuaded me that it would be good to go to, and despite a wobble yesterday, we went this morning. Got there in time for him to have breakfast at Wetherspoons (which I shared – poor man never gets a full meal to himself any more!) we went in at 10 and started to look…

I’d told him outside how I hated going into “shops for normal people” because I felt so humiliated that day, and it’s something that’s never left me. I think he is aiming very firmly at stopping me feeling that way…today I got a coat, and several dresses – a couple that fit now and a couple that will fit very soon. He got three pairs of Levi jeans and a Hugo Boss cashmere wool coat, plus the kids got some converse shoes. It was fantastic, and I will go again when they do another one.

Slowly, slowly, I’m starting to see slight changes in me. In all honesty I’ve had a tough week with it, I expect unrealistic results and berate myself when I don’t get the result I have decided I want, but I’m learning to have patience…well, sort of…

So, to wedding dress shop woman, up yours!



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