Breaking the habit – I blame my Grandad!

Today I am working a long day, and have a lot of folk to feed at home, so i between feeling giddy over my knees reappearing – knees!!! – I have prepared and made dinner for 10 too, to be reheated while I’m out at work later.

Decided to make a meatball pasta bake, and a meatball square pie. Or two…which involves potatoes being fried as cubes. So merrily chopping away I automatically put a cube of was potato into my mouth, without thinking of the consequences at all…when I was little I lived with my Grandma and Grandad, and he used to peel the potatoes for Grandma for dinner, and would always pop a piece raw into both his mouth and mine while he did them. I love raw potato. No, it doesn’t give you worms, before the old wives tales start!

However I can categorically state that it is pretty indigestible after a gastric bypass when you have a tiny tummy that doesn’t take too kindly to fruit or veg at the moment – especially when it isn’t cooked! This is the first time since the operation that I’ve stuck anything into my mouth without carefully considering the possible consequences first, and hopefully it has taught me not to do it again!

But in all honesty – knees!! I have KNEES!!!!


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