Life – live it!

I’ve blinked and another month has passed by. I feel as though the older you get, the quicker time goes. It doesn’t feel like two minutes since I was sat waiting for the operation and yet here we are, it is March in a few days.

A dear friend has lost her dad unexpectedly last week. It brings to mind that none of us know when we will last see or speak to someone, or indeed when “our” last day will be. So surely we owe it to ourselves to try and be as happy as we can while we are able? To change what makes us unhappy, to smile, laugh, love, and LIVE. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming, it doesn’t mean you’re responsible for any one elses happiness. But if you’re happy, you radiate that to the world around you.

In a job you hate? Make plans and take steps to change it. Can’t change it? Focus on your time off and the things you do then. With the wrong person? Leave. Yes, it can be that simple.  Need help? Ask. We are all so “British” and stiff upper lip and we fear being seen as weak by the people around us. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak.

Argued with someone, or been hurt by them? Apologise, forgive, move on. Yes, far easier said than done. Maybe don’t forget, but don’t dwell. Worried about money? Well, you can’t take it with you…

I sound like I’m preaching – believe me, I don’t live up to all the things above, but I try. I’ve stopped doing things that make me unhappy, I grab any opportunity to spend time with the people I love, and I take a deep breath and let small annoyances wash over me (yes, that one I am still working on! Not so easy, but I feel better when I achieve it!).


Life is short. Live, laugh, love. Smile often, love with a passion and forgive with ease. In all honesty, I’m going to do my best to remember the above…because I’ll blink again and it’ll be April…


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