Ten weeks later…

Ten weeks today since I had the surgery. it feels like forever. Yet at the same time, it feels like it was yesterday.

I have not changed in myself, in my opinion – others may of course disagree!! I’m still learning what I can and can’t eat, and some days I seem to be able to eat more than others. The worst thing is when it gets stuck…won’t go down and won’t go back up. Then its a case of simply waiting, waiting for it to decide to move so that the pain eases. Cold stuff doesn’t go down too easily, nor does fruit. Chicken I appear to be unable to get down, yet turkey, beef, lamb, no problem. I think my tummy is as stroppy as I can be on occasion!! Yesterday I ate salmon, mash, peas, hollandaise sauce, yet today my cup of tea caused issues.

Time. That’s all I need to get used to it, to work out what can and can’t be eaten yet, and to get used to the slightly different reflection in the mirror.I see a slight change now, others seem to be shocked and it seems to remove all tact from their brain too!

Today I’m sulking. Having just paid the most enormous car bill, and a hundred yards fro my the garage to pay the last of it, my car started to clunk. So, the mechanic dropped me home and had taken it in to look at. This I can do without, for sure!

Money. Apparently it doesn’t bring happiness, but in all honesty it’s a damn sight easier to be happy if you’ve got enough of the bloody stuff!


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