Will it or won’t it…

Yesterday I had my followup with the dietician, and she is thrilled with my progress. I’m rather fed up that her scales weigh me consistently heavier than mine at home, but hey ho. 23 kilos off in 11 weeks isn’t bad I guess – actually it’s flipping fab!

I’m free to try almost anything now for food, other than raw salad type stuff, bread, pasta and rice. Rice is one of the last things to try in around 18-24 months and is unlikely to be tolerated very easily. Bread after 12 months ish, and gain white bread won’t be easy to digest. Pasta the same. Am I bothered at the thought? Slightly for rice, if I’m honest. Pasta I hate, and bread I can live without. Gluten free bread is pretty awful anyway other than glutafin, so it’s no loss.

Some things, though, that should be easy to eat now, aren’t. Chicken. Chicken ought to go down easily especially after being slow cooked or with lots of sauce, but it gets stuck every time. I can manage lamb/beef/sausages/bacon/chorizo but chicken, nope. Turkey is also fine yet chicken isn’t! How odd. But not according to the dietician – most folk can either eat chicken OR other meats. The body is an amazing, yet strange thing!

Cold food won’t go down, or fruit. Again, other stuff does so again, it’s no problem. But yes, there are downsides to this surgery, and for me, I don’t care. Will I happily live the rest of my life without bread/rice/pasta, adapting the meals I make my family, sharing dinners out with my husband or a good friend, in exchange for a healthier, happier, longer life?

In all honesty? Oh YES!!! Have I had any negativity? Oh yes. Do I care? Well, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me a little – but I’m lucky that I’ve got the most supportive husband and good friends I can offload to about that.

I was told last week that I’m so lucky that I can now “lose weight so easily” and “without any effort” lol. Easy? Anything but easy. Considering the surgery? Well, most folk aren’t fat enough. It’s hard, a bloody long process, and it hurts. It’s not reversible therefore it is for life. You take tablets and have injections for ever. Yes, for life. Some GP’s won’t prescribe them so you have to commit to buying them. There’s a massive stigma attached to it, folk think you’re weak/greedy/pathetic/lazy. They judge you, so you decide whether to lie forever or brave the comments and loss of friends. Excess skin after you’ve lost the weight. Issues going to the loo. The divorce rate is higher than average in couples after gastric surgery.

But the upsides far outweigh (ha!) the downsides for me/for us. If they do for you and you want to go for it, for me its been worth everything it has taken to get here.



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