Hello there…

So it’s April. Three months and a bit since the surgery, and a while since I saw certain people. Nearly five stones down, and it’s rather a rollercoaster ride too.

I’ve yet to learn that the “extra” bit of food makes all the difference. Difference between feeling nicely full, and far too stuffed. Also still learning what will and won’t go down – anything cold won’t, and most hot stuff is ok.

I’ve joined the gym. The actual gym. The thing I’m petrified of, and can’t cope with the looks and stares I get from folk. But I joined. I went to see a personal trainer and get a program done, and then I actually went and did it on my own as well.

My arms are bothering me – the loose skin. I never expected that to be an issue, honestly didn’t think I would care, but I do. So the only option is to exercise, so that’s what I’m trying. If someone could get me an extra few hours in the day that would be ace!

Seen some people I haven’t seen in a while, some see no difference in me, others do. I see some difference in myself now and again, not all the time. Some stuff I feel fat in despite it fitting better, other stuff of course still doesn’t fit. I was told in no uncertain terms by a friend that “too big is as bad as too small” while pulling at the size 24 dress I was wearing – which, to be honest, was a bit on the big side. it’s now on the pile for Ebay.

So, life. In all honesty, it passes me by at great speed while I work/work/foster/cook/do laundry/deal with other people.


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