Changes – so many changes

Hello. I didn’t think I had much to say this week, until I sat here and realised the number of little things that have changed, some are noticeable, others not so much…

Chaps, you might want to stop reading now. As I said to my husband yesterday, changes are happening that he simply won’t understand. He insisted he would, and I should tell him – I did, he didn’t understand, an argument nearly started and I ended up saying “SEE! I TOLD YOU YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND”. At which point, he gave up…haha

My Fitness Pal doesn’t understand either – it yells at me that I’m not eating enough – lol!

So, changes. I started the gym a couple of weeks ago, I hate the gym. I really do. I said this to the training chap who had the misfortune of being lumbered with sorting a program for me. He, to his credit, has done me one I can not only tolerate, but nearly enjoy. Nearly. He told me exactly the benefits each exercise would have and why, in words of one syllable, and today I even went on my own, without my protection of my husband.


My knickers are too big. I spend half my time sticking my hand down my trousers to pull them up. So today I bought 16s instead of 22s. Also on that note, when you’ve spent years tucking knickers under your belly apron, its rather odd to then realise that when you tense your (still pretty non-existent tummy muscles) you can “pop” the tummy apron over the top of the knickers…(thats the bit the husband didn’t “get”)

Thin folk don’t get it though. They don’t get it at all.

In all honesty, they don’t “get” any of it. No matter how much they think they do.

And no, just because you ate an extra sandwich and need to lose 0.2lb, you don’t “understand what I’m going through”. And with a BMI of 26, you won’t qualify for the “so easy solution of the surgery you’ve had”



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