Well goodness me…

I can’t remember when I last found five minutes to sit and write anything. It’s been an absolutely manic few weeks, our son has married his beautiful girl and we’ve gained another daughter.

The wedding was absolutely bloody brilliant. The run-up to the wedding, making of the cake (by me), doing the table centers (by us), the room decor (us), the putting up of groomsmen and organising of family (us…getting the picture…) and the BLOODY cake (me) very nearly finished us off. The cake came very near to causing a divorce last Wednesday…

BUT. We did it. We really, really did it. It was absolutely amazing. We, and they, loved every minute of it. The cake remained standing, so did I – mostly – despite being awake since 01:30 am. We danced the night away, literally, and the following day I could not move. Absolute agony from head to toe. Yesterday was slightly better, and today I’m doing ok. The bride and groom have swanned off to Florida, leaving us with the aftermath to deal with…lol.

Well, the weight is going down. The dress looked lovely, and I changed in the evening into one that had fitted two weeks ago but I realised was too loose by the wedding, but I wore it anyway.

I still have trouble eating some days – sometimes food goes in, sometimes it won’t. Yesterday was ok, today it’s a struggle. I’m going to avoid carrots for a fair old while I think, as they are not digestible!

I see the dietician again on Monday…see what she has to say.


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