Skin – can I love the skin I’m in?

This week has brought about a few changes that I’m really not happy with, yet at the start they are ones that I was sure wouldn’t bother me.

Skin. The biggest organ of the body. I always knew that I’d end up with loose skin, wrinkles, saggy boobs, stretch marks etc. Yet there are places I was sure these side effects wouldn’t bother me at all. My lovely husband has always told me that I can have any corrective surgery I want, once the weight is off, and I know he means it. Yet I always insisted the only thing I’d consider would be tummy and boobs, because I wouldn’t care about the rest…

Only I do. I’ve lost 6 stones in 4.5 months, just over, it’ll be 5 months on the 21st of May. I know it’s fast, I know it’s inevitable, and I am going to the gym/swimming/walking as much a I can, as well as spending every day lifting toddlers and babies. Yet my arms are awful and my thighs are too now. My tummy isn’t shrinking so I still look 22 stones plus, and my boobs are getting worse by the day.

I feel ridiculous, self-conscious, and very unattractive. Why the hell have I booked a beach holiday for this July? I’ll be the one in 40* heat wearing jeans and a long sleeved top.

I never realised I was this vain. That makes me feel bad too. So many more important stuff to care about, yet I don’t like what I see in the mirror…still. Even after getting to a weight I never imagined.


In all honesty, I didn’t expect to feel this way. So before I bankrupt us buying creams and lotions that I KNOW don’t work, what can I do? Help please…


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